Aikawa Group

AFT represents a number of companies that are now under one AFT logo and ownership as part of the global Aikawa Group - a simple way to remember it all for your stock preparation needs for virgin and recycled fibers.


Over 115 years in the screening business and today the leader in screening innovation for reducing energy costs.
•    Union Screen Plate (founded in 1903)
•    Ahlstrom Screen Plates
•    CAE
•    Advanced Fiber Technologies (aft)
•    Aikawa Fiber Technologies (AFT) 

AFT Timeline

Product Growth

Finebar Refining: We believe in designing for sustainability so it is not a surprise to see Finebar leading the way in reducing energy use and extending the life of components.

Approach Flow: Getting the air out increases machine speed for more output and fewer sheet breaks. That is where AFT Headbox screening and the POM degassing approach can help a mill to simplify.

Recycled Fiber Stock Preparation Equipment: We believe in updating the old with better engineered components, but sometimes an equipment change is needed. Aikawa has been a leader in Asian Recycled fiberlines. AFT leads the way in providing key engineered component and unit capital upgrades with process reviews to understand final output and a step by step plan to get there all at once or over time.

Finebar, POM and Recyled fibers

Sousuke Kajiyama

Sousuke Kajiyama

The Aikawa family welcomes Sousuke Kajiyama as Chairman of Aikawa Iron Works. Mr Kajiyama comes to the Chairman position after 40 years with Aikawa, leading many manufacturing innovations and promoting strong relationships with Japan and Asia customers. In this role he will continue the global unification of AFT products and services under one brand for stock preparation innovation.