A century of hands-on application knowledge and equipment development

Many beginnings - Now one AFT

AFT can trace its roots to over a century past, to the Union Screen Plate Company. No other supplier to the pulp and paper industry has as much screen design, manufacturing and applications experience.

We are a global supplier serving customers in many key markets (pulp and paper, food, mineral) with advanced components, capital equipment and system optimization services. We have over 100 people calling daily on mills to provide technical support in fiber optimization, especially in screening and refining. Our offices and manufacturing hubs are located around the world, including:

  • Quebec, Canada (established in 1903 Union Screen, CAE, AFT)
  • USA Services (Finebar acquisition)
  • Varkaus & Helsinki, Finland (from 1945, Ahlstrom, CAE, POM acquisition)
  • Incheon, South Korea (established in 1984, acquired by AFT)
  • Jiaxing and Shanghai, China (established 2004)
  • Fujieda, Shizuoka, Japan (foundry 1924; Aikawa Metal Industry 1960

Our old url www.aikawagroup.com has been transformed to the new aft-global.com you see here today. We are constantly improving our site and adding new content to our Resource Center.


Jacques Beauchemin, CEO

Jacques Beauchemin, CEO