Our focus - grow your profit and ours will follow

Lean and Customer Focused

AFT is comprised of geographical business centers with a General Manager located in each region:

  • Americas (North and South)                                  
  • Europe (EU, Russia, Middle East & Africa)
  • Asia (China, India & Southeast Asia)
  • Japan

Each AFT Region is focused on a specific set of customers. A region also has one or more manufacturing sites. There is a Vice President and General Manager leading each region.

The Service and Engineering divisions work under a centralized structure, led by a vice president. Research and Development , including Product Management, are also a centralized organization under the VP of Technology. The supporting senior management structure - including the CEO, CFO, Marketing director and Information Technology manager - has a global focus both in supporting regions and sharing best practice among regions. An annual strategy and planning focus group brings all the regional and global leadership together for setting short and long term key performance targets.

Global Leadership Team

AFT Leadership team

Our global leadership team - a mix of engineers, many with MBAs and all who have spent considerable time at customer facilities.

Data Privacy

AFT is committed to the protection of personal information, on a global basis. Our effort is moving to a globally managed system. Our approach is based on what we have learned from GPR in our European operation and what we are learning from Law 25 in Quebec. Law 25 offers a policy example pasted here: LAW25 Policy