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AFT's support team

Your Global Support Team

AFT has a team approach to support customers: each customer has an assigned team of people to address their needs, including:

  • a customer service professional  (your link to company information, orders and production information)
  • a regionally located field sales engineer (AFT has local personnel, many are mechanical or chemical engineers)
  • an applications engineer (regionally located engineers who support Sales on more in-depth process analyses and equipment upgrades)

With customers around the globe, AFT's sales terms are regionally focused in order to respect local needs. Below is a list of our standard terms with a link to each pdf document:

Featured Member: Jukka Helin

Jukka Helin (far left), General Manager Sales, AFT China walks along the Bund in Shanghai. With the Oriental Pearl TV and Shanghai Towers in the background, this is a fashionable spot along the Yangtze River for locals and tourists. Jukka has called China home for many years, and is quite familiar with the uniqueness of the Chinese culture, and the curiosity people have about foreigners and new ways. “Many people are very open. They want what’s next. They are prepared to figure out how to make it themselves.”

How is China unique in the world of business today?

Rapid change is the new normal in China. This can actually be a positive development, because adapting quickly allows for opportunities that would otherwise be missed.

Describe the dynamics of change.

Many Chinese companies simplify and bring about new small features, making equipment easier to use. In fact, being open minded allows you to get a lot done and be better at what you do.  The AFT emphasis is on modifying equipment and processes to deliver cost effective advantages for customers. Traditional European leading suppliers will lose out by not adapting fast enough or recognizing business practices that matter in China.

How does AFT fit in?

For AFT it’s important to develop close relationships with domestic companies, supporting our own manufacturing. This way we don’t need big investment ourselves. We build around our unique capabilities, like screen baskets and stock preparation innovations. Our refining know-how, especially with Finebar, is a core competence.

A new POM system started up last year, where we already had a unit in place since 2010. The mill’s specialty grades, such as medical paper and packaging, means that cleanliness is a major requirement. POM is integral to their way of operating today.

I believe that the “new” Chinese way of being open to innovating with customers, finding solutions small and large, is a valuable approach here and globally.

Jukka Helin