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Challenge and Teamwork

At AFT, we rarely face the exact same challenge twice - so every day brings something a little different. We consider ourselves to be a technology driven company, focused primarily on the pulp and paper industry. AFT has five manufacturing facilities located around the world, in addition to service sites with CNC, laser, welding and assembly capabilities. We also have service technicians and engineers working in the field to help our customers improve the application of our products in order to maintain their competitive advantage.

We build engineered performance components and equipment. Yes, there are some basic components - but in our screen cylinder product line alone there are over one million possible combinations!  So whether it be in the field working directly with customers or at one of our manufacturing sites, new challenges are faced every day – that's why flexibility, team work and strong analytical skills are so important to our workforce.

Customer support

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Customer Focus

With so many product options and all the custom engineering involved, communication is critical to our operation. We are great at building perfectly to a drawing - our real challenge is ensuring that the drawings being used will satisfy the customer needs and solve their problem. That's where asking the right questions and understanding outcomes are so essential. 

Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool is invaluable in this respect: it lets everyone know for a given customer site who the main mill contacts are and who at AFT is responsible for that mill - so everyone knows exactly who to talk to and how to get in touch.

Sales, Customer Service, Applications - all working together to get the job done right!

It takes a team!

Manufacturing equipment for an agricultural based product that grows differently all around the world means that no two customers are exactly alike. So although we cut, bend, drill and wind a lot of metal to very high precision tolerances, there is a uniqueness in just how it all performs in a customer facility. We put a lot of value on data collection and bringing our global knowledge together with automation and simulation tools. The machine can be perfect but it all has to come together cohesively, and we work as a team to make that happen!

If you are the type of person who enjoys variety in your work, is detail oriented and has strong problem solving and communication skills - AFT is the place for you. Take a look at our career opportunities or feel free to send us your resume to be considered for future opportunities.

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