Corporate Citizenship

Long Term Viability- in our business and communities

AFT’s vision of sustainability is to ensure long term business viability through tangible value contributions - not only to our customers but also to the communities in which we work and live. 

We tend to view our corporate citizenship initiatives close to our manufacturing hubs: in the communities where we share space and our employees live.  Our employees volunteer time in their respective communities; we help support community events; we train our future leaders through internships with universities and local schools; and we encourage our employees to share their talents with NGOs and non-profit boards. 


Holiday food drive

Donation driveAs part of this year's Christmas party, AFT organized a donation drive for Moisson Estrie, a food bank in Quebec Canada that helps people in need by giving them access to the resources that make a difference in their lives.

We are happy to be able to assist our local community and support a dynamic and involved organisation such as Moisson Estrie.  AFT is pleased to announce that this activity generated 110 kg of food, equivalent to 22 grocery bags that will be shared with those in need in the region. For Moisson Estrie, the scope of AFT's gesture far exceeds these results.  It demonstrates our commitment as a company rooted in the reality of the social environment to participate in improving the quality of life of its local citizens.