AFT develops IoT data processing and reporting using Islet

Made in Finland Last update 2024/04/18

Aikawa Fiber Technologies (AFT) and Islet Group have collaborated to improve AFT's IoT data processing and reporting. Islet's team created a modern data and analytics platform using Microsoft Fabric, able to meet AFT’s current needs and expandable for the future.

AFT is a global supplier of equipment, engineered components, and IoT solutions for the pulp and paper industry. IoT refers to systems that are based on the automatic data transfer performed by technical devices and the remote monitoring via the Internet. With the right tools, information can be processed into an easily usable form - and with the help of a data network, automatic, real-time analytics can be used to organize massive amounts of data into usable key figures and snapshot reports.

From manual reporting to scalable architecture

AFTLinx™ Service was developed as a diagnostic service that collects equipment-specific operating data to improve its productivity and performance - with assistance from AFT specialists who analyze the instrument information.

In the solution implemented by Islet, both current needs and future expansion of AFTLinx service were taken into account. AFT’s data platform and reporting will be expanded in stages by bringing in data from other operational systems. The architecture was implemented using specific Microsoft models, which have become industry standards.

"Our collaboration with AFT has been very inspiring. With the new data and analytics platform, AFT can now fully utilize the potential of IoT data and get real-time information that helps them make better decisions. The new platform not only meets AFT's current needs but is also expandable for future needs. This gives AFT the opportunity to scale and develop operations more flexibly. We are pleased to be able to support AFT's journey towards data-driven business." - Janne Anttila, CBO Data & Analytics, Islet Group.

Islet is a full-service provider

Islet Group serves as AFT's Cloud Solution Partner (CSP) for IoT.  The collaboration covers the information platform, reporting, analytics, and low-code application development, as well as the maintenance of the overall solution.

"Islet’s team of experts has created a modern and efficient data and analytics platform for us, enabling real-time reporting. Islet's role as a partner and their innovative approach has been crucial in the development and maintenance of the data platform, reporting, analytics, and overall solution. We are very satisfied with our collaboration with Islet and look forward to continuing working with them." – Timo Koivisto, VP, Technology, AFT.

AFT Service Solutions AFTLinx

Aikawa Fiber Technologies Oy specializes in paper and pulp manufacturing equipment. We produce and supply spare parts and equipment for stock preparation, screening, refining, and paper machine approach flow systems. AFT has manufacturing facilities in Finland, Canada, South Korea, Brazil, China, and Japan, as well as sales and technical support worldwide.