Products and Development

First we ask: Does it matter?

Does it Matter?

The first question we ask in Product Development is: does it matter?

  • Is there a customer need - who cares and why
  • Is there payback - product quality, capacity, operating cost
  • What is the environment impact - less energy, less chemical
  • Can we manufacture it - efficiently and at a reasonable price

Today, payback benefits are strongly driven by customer sustainability goals: using less energy, increasing capacity, fiber recovery, reducing chemical use, waste reduction and reducing water use are often at the top of the list.

Success Stories

Recent developments impacting customers’ environmental footprint include:

  • New GHC2 rotor has major impact on energy use
  • Finebar low-intensity plates significantly drop refining energy
  • POM® white water system reduces water, chemicals and waste
  • Continuous detrashing with ADS screening reduces energy and saves fiber

The new GHC2 rotor

GHC2 Rotor