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Recycle Fiber Processing

Recycled fiber cleaning solution

High consistency cleaning

High capacity flotation for deinking

Deinking solutions

Inflow pulsation-free screening

Headbox Inflow screening

High capacity for wet strength deflaking

Deflaking applications

Aikawa Fiber Technologies is known as one of the leading equipment suppliers to the Pulp and Paper Industry worldwide.  We have the ability to supply all of the equipment for a recycled fiber line along with an in depth application knowledge of all aspect of recycling. 

  • Pulpers and Detrashing   (trademarks: MaxiPulper, PEA, PAL, MaxiTrasher)
  • Dispersion and Flotation (trademarks: ConiDisc, UV-Breaker, Hypercell)
  • Refining and Deflaking    (trademarks: AWE, ADC, TopFiner)
Conical Refiner Learn more

Refining Equipment

Disc and conical refiner technologies with Finebar low intensity plates and fillings on the inside

MaxFlow HB Screen Learn more

Headbox Screens

Headbox outflow and inflow screens with a custom fit cylinder and rotor to achieve paper quality objectives

Top Finer Learn more

Recycling equipment

AFT offers a selection of detrashing, cleaning, dispersion and dewatering equipment for specialized upgrade needs.

ADS Separator Learn more

Coarse Recycled Fiber Screen

A solution for OCC furnishes, this unit combines deflaking and removal of both light and heavy weight plastics as well as coarse screening.

Vertical coarse sorter Learn more

Coarse Reject Sorters

Reject sorter and detrashing solutions for recycled fiber applications.

Laboratory Equipment Learn more

Laboratory Equipment

AFT offers pulpers, screens and refiners for pilot plant applications - the same equipment we manufacture for commercial use.