Energy Smart Rotors

GHC™ Rotor series

Ride the Powerwave for the world's lowest energy use

Ride the Wave for Energy Savings

The screen rotor affects every aspect of screening performance:

  • Power usage
  • Fiber recovery
  • Debris removal

The GHC is an award winning rotor and known as one of the best on the market today for energy efficiency in fiber screening. This rotor is best suited for recycled fiber and virgin kraft brownstock screening. Our latest design - the GHC2 - has out-performed the competition with energy saving of more than 30%.

The secret to this unique design is in the rotor elements, where the rotor causes micro level turbulences resulting in a higher efficiency. By preventing the pulp from thickening, runnability is improved and energy consumption is reduced. The GHC2 rotor provides an optimal balance of turbulence and negative pressure pulsations to ensure energy-efficient and reliable screen operation. The bottom line is a cleaner pulp using less energy.

GHC2 Powerwave

GHC2 Powerwave elements

GHCb rotor

GHCb Rotor

Fractionation and Filtering

The GHCb rotor, with its smaller elements, is ideal for fractionation, filtration and fiber recovery applications.

The streamlined elements of the GHCb create a stronger negative pulse than the standard "bump" rotor, allowing a reduction in both rotor tip speed and power consumption. The strong negative pulse does not, however, compromise the filtration efficiency of the screen.

Typical fiber recovery applications for the GHCb rotor are in black liquor filtration (kraft mills) and in white water fiber recovery (short circulation at the wet end of a paper machine).

In OCC and deinking applications, the GHCb rotor offers the flexibility to split the process stream for parallel processing options in order to preserve fiber features, enhance capacity and reduce energy.