Headbox Screens

MaxFlow™ HB and B-Series Screens

Screening internals tailored for your application

AFT offers headbox screens in both inward and outward flow designs, including the MaxFlow™ HB outflow pressure screen and the B-Series inflow screen. Both have been proven around the world with tailored cylinder and rotor selections to best fit mill specific papermaking objectives.

Outflow headbox screening

The MaxFlow™ HB headbox screen is a high-efficiency outflow screen. The unit typically includes an EPx rotor and MacroFlow™ slotted screen cylinder or a Drilled cylinder. The specific rotor and cylinder selection will depend on the fiber furnish and the quality specification for the paper being manufactured. Our applications engineers work closely with a mill to collect data and predict operating results using our proprietary SimAudit™ process simulation tool.

Headbox screens are delivered with a very smooth surface finish to prevent build-up of fiber bundles or other particles that can potentially cause pinholes and web breaks on the paper machine.

MaxFlow™ HB

MaxFlow HB Screen



Aikawa B Screen

Inflow Headbox Screening

B-series screens employ an inward flow design providing the most advanced, pulsation-free approach flow screening. The inward flow design was first introduced to the world in Japan and today makes up over 90% of their headbox screens. This concept has grown in popularity - especially in headbox applications due to the low pulsation - and now accounts for about one-third of the world’s headbox screens.

The inward flow design has also gained popularity in fine screening applications, particularly in Asia. The B-Series is actually composed of 3 major models: B, BF and FH. The primary difference between these models is the available tip speed. Coupled with the correct cylinder and rotor selection for a given paper quality and fiber furnish, this screen delivers on efficiency and energy savings.