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Screening and Refining solutions

Chemical pulps require a high degree of cleanliness and optimized refining to achieve desired sheet quality.  AFT brings to the table a global experience in brownstock and bleached pulp screening, headbox screening, and low consistency refining for both hardwood and softwood. We transfer scientific knowledge into real-life mill solutions that deliver significant returns by improving throughput, reducing energy, enhancing fiber quality and removing contaminants.

  • Screen cylinders - the largest manufacturer in the world
  • Screen rotors - the lowest energy use
  • Refiner plates and fillings - custom designed patterns
  • New screens - coarse, fine and reject fiber savers
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The components inside determine equipment performance. For screens or filters, the cylinder and rotor are what really matter

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Brownstock and headbox screen cylinders, rotors and unit capital solutions

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Finebar low Intensity refining technology allows customized plates and fillings to fit your needs