Fiber Refining products list

Better quality, less energy, longer plate life

Select a custom AFT engineered solution

Ultra-low intensity options

AFT has been a leader in ultra low intensity refining with our Finebar® technology. We continue to advance this technology with even finer patterns for both disc plates and conical fillings to further enhance pulp quality while providing energy savings and extended life.


AFT also offers equipment for refining and deflaking. The refiners come standard with Finebar MiniSegment™ plates or conical fillings - always custom designed for your specific needs.

Conical Refiner Learn more

Refining Equipment

Disc and conical refiner technologies with Finebar low intensity plates and fillings on the inside

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Ultra-low Intensity Refining

Improved fiber quality with less energy and longer plate life - a technology worth evaluating.

MiniSegment Plates Learn more

MiniSegment Refiner Plates

Refiner plates that do exactly what you need, in a safe and simple design

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Standard Refiner Plates

Low intensity refining at its finest

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Fiber Deflaking

Deflaking market pulp and recycled furnishes without freeness loss.

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Conical Fillings

Latest development in Finebar diffusion bonding technology