Industrial Cylinders and Plates products list

A Broad range of options to meet your specific needs

Large drilling selection

AFT brings filtering and screening experience to a wide range of industrial applications. Our comprehensive drilling applications guide and our application engineers can help address challenges, or we can build from your existing drawings in the material you need.

  • Drilled cylinders and plates - one of the world's largest drilling capacity
  • Wedgewire plates and cylinders - open to very fine gap widths
Macroflow Cylinder Learn more

Wedgewire Cylinders

Tolerances never seen before in a wedgewire slotted cylinder - for better screening performance

Drilled Cylinder Learn more

Drilled Cylinders

With close to a million combinations possible, let our experts help you find the right one

Drilled Plate Learn more

Drilled Plates

Global capacity, design support, and experience with most plate designs

Slots Learn more

Flat Strainers

Flat strainer plates range from low cost wedgewire plates to precision milled fractionation and digester tower plates.

Bow Screen Learn more

Wedgewire Plates

Wedgewire plates can be flat or bowed in slot widths to fit your application needs

Wedgewire Filter Tube Learn more

Wedgewire Filter Tubes

Filtering of pigments, starches and pastes to remove unwanted particles.