Mechanical Fiber Screening

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Technology is moving...

We are constantly advancing technology - so what was best yesterday may not still be today. For example, did you know that advances in screen and refiner energy efficiency have been significant, with most investments returned within the first year? Whether taking steps, being budget flexible or doing it all at once with a grade change opportunity, we can help you determine and execute the best plan - with payback at every step:

  • Baseline your existing production line - process and equipment
  • Prioritize your wants and needs: capacity, product life, energy, fiber qualities, uptime
  • Simulate operational changes: a new rotor, cylinder or an equipment replacement or addition
  • Create a step-wise list of improvements
  • Evaluate investment returns for each step
  • Select the best options
  • Do the installation right including engineering, training and maintenance planning

Screens and Filter Equipment

When a new piece of unit capital is necessary, AFT offers custom designed internals to meet your specific mechanical fiber type and screening goals, along with basic engineering.

  • Coarse and fine screens: MaxFlow™
  • Fractionation screen: Max-F series
  • Headbox screens: MaxFlow™ outflow or B-series inflow
  • Reject tail screen: MaxSaver™- for maximized fiber recovery
  • Filters: MaxFilter™, Bowed and Drum thickeners


Headbox screen