Pulper Extraction Plates

Pulper, Detrasher and Deflaker plates

Replacement plates - replicated or custom designed to meet your specific challenge

Drilled extraction plates

Pulper extraction plates are used in a number of applications as a barrier to contaminants and to recover good fibers. They are typically made as drilled plates, the hole size depending on a balance between accepted fibers and unit capacity. Our quality standards ensure that drilled holes are free of burrs and that the plates are perfectly flat to ensure optimal performance. The size and thickness of the plate will vary depending on the application. Examples of equipment that use extraction plates include:

  • Pulpers - tub or disc styles used for repulping recycled fibers
  • Detrashers - used after the pulper to recover additional fiber that may be in bundles among the trash
  • Deflakers - used for market pulp or broke repulping and sometimes to break-up recycled fiber bundles - especially in fibers with wet strength treatments

Drilled Pulper Plate