Ragger and Cutter

Heavy duty design keeps on pulling

Durability in continuous Ragging

Continuous ragging made simple

The AFT ragger and cutter unit works in combination with a low consistency pulper to pull out bale wires, plastic strips, and rags from the pulper. Our design is the most heavy duty and robust in the world. Rope is slowly pulled from the pulper by the ragger, while the heavy-duty cutter is used to cut the rope periodically to enable disposal or further shredding. With pull rate adjustment, this unit has the flexibility to handle a vast range of trash levels and pulping rates.

Although relatively simple in design, the solid construction of our ragger and cutter ensures long term operation. Both units are available in two sizes to accommodate capacity needs. They can be considered together or as individual units - as a stand alone unit, the ragger can be added to an existing pulper installation.