Recycling equipment

Stock processing niches

"We get high quality pulp and lose very little fibers with the rejects"

Gede Sudibya Putra, Fajar Paper

Stock prep enhancement

Sometimes a process can use a little assistance to handle stock variations, boost capacity or enable the production of a new paper grade. AFT offers many specialized solutions for targeted stock prep needs.

Equipment solutions

  • Detrashing (ragging, detrashing and fiber recovery)
  • Deflakers (virgin pulp, recycled fibers)
  • Dispersers (recycled fibers - wax, ink, ultraviolet removal)
  • Cleaners (equipment protection)
  • Thickeners (filters, bow/slope screens, trommel drum)

When a little extra pulping is needed

If your existing pulper is sending too much fiber out with the trash, there are secondary options to help recover that fiber. Depending on pulp consistency and the type and volume of trash, the solution may lie in a PAL or PEA batch or semi-continuous unit. If the pulper's ragging system is not maintenance free, consider ours which is the heaviest duty ragger on the market.

If a significant volume of fiber bundles remains in your pulper's good fiber stream, then secondary deflaking capacity is an option. Or if your fiber line is simply repulped fibers, there are several deflaker options that may fit - from the SevenFiner™ for heavy wet strength recycled stocks to the TopFiner™ for market pulps.

Double Flaker

Removing unwanted materials

Disperser, bow screen, cleaner

Inks, waxes, sand and water

Dispersing can be used for more than just deinking. This technology is a combination of heat and kneading action to separate bound solubles from fiber - such as waxes, ink and ultraviolet elements. We offer an array of dispersion equipment to choose from.

Cleaning sand from the process is important to reducing downstream equipment wear. We offer options for both high consistency cleaning and sand removal.

AFT also offers simple solutions for water separation - from bowed screens to basic trommel drums - with all the replacement wear components and a focus on fiber recovery.