Refining Equipment

Disc and Conical designs equipped with Finebar® components

"Once you understand paper making, you realise that the heart of the operation is refining"

Jose Luis Matos, Portucel Soporcel Group

Double Disc Refiner

The AWE disc refiner is a low-consistency double disc refiner that delivers exceptional mechanical performance and is designed with our easy-to-maintain philosophy. The AWE has low no-load power consumption and offers superior fiber development that can be further optimized using Finebar refiner plates. 

  • Flexibility: Ability to vary plate sizes within the refiner. Plate patterns are available for a variety of furnishes and refining goals
  • Control: Mechanical drive system with a variable-speed motor allows precise control as process conditions change
  • Simplicity: Single inlet and outlet for simplified piping. Open access design for easy plate replacement. Finebar MiniSegments™ are standard for crane-free replacement
  • Reliability: Parallelism between the rotor and stator disc plates is accurately maintained by precision manufacturing and unique assembly mechanisms
  • Maintenance ease: The rotor is easy to move which facilitates plate changes

AWE Disc Refiner

Stock Preparation Double Disc Refiner

ADC Conical Refiner

ADC conical stock prep refiner

Conical Refiner

The ADC double conical refiner is the next-generation low consistency refiner that embodies Finebar technology in a low maintenance design. This refiner features a twin conical design for exceptional performance in terms of capacity and energy use, along with ease of maintenance.

  • Capacity: Twin conical design increases the production capacity of a single unit
  • Superior fiber development: Less damage and cutting of fibers
  • Power savings: Lower no load power consumption
  • Easy maintenance: Quick replacement of fillings