Screen Performance Parts

cylinders and Rotors for Screens and filters

Performance cylinders

If you added up all of the possible configurations for the screening and filtering products we offer, you would find well over a million possibilities of precision-made cylinders including drilled, wedgewire and slotted varieties. There is no question that AFT has the most repeatable manufacturing process in the world for building cylinders. In terms of drilling capacity, we have one of the largest globally with the ability to offer most any pattern and contour envisioned.

In addition to our best-in-class manufacturing, we know fiber. AFT has one of the most comprehensive databases, referred to as our SimAudit™ tool, for simulating different cylinder configurations across an entire mill or for an individual filter or screen. We have applications specialists centrally located where our customers are - engineers with extensive experience backed up by a central brain trust in our databases like SimAudit and mill data ports.

AFT will work closely with you to evaluate what changes can provide a more stable operation, how to lower energy or increase capacity - and most importantly, out of those millions of cylinder possibilities, how to select the one that meets your specific goals.

Hole or slot designs

MF2 & drilled cylinders

Performance Rotors

3 Rotors

Lowest energy designs available

AFT strives to deliver the most energy efficient rotors in the world today - and according to our customers we are succeeding. From our award winning GHC series to our string-free EP series, we offer rotors tailored to most pulp processing situations today. We also now manufacture rotors in 6 strategically located global sites for faster delivery response.

Although rotors do not have as many possible design combinations as screens, pairing the right rotor with the right screen operating at the optimal tip speed can be a challenge. This is a challenge that our field applications engineers are well experienced in handling every day. Together all of our applications and product engineers have experience on virtually every fiber type in the world. We also offer chrome plating to extend the life of a rotor.