Our focus: grow your bottom line and ours will follow

Lean and Customer Focused

AFT is comprised of geographical business centers with a General Manager located in each region:

  •    Americas (North and South)                                  
  •    Europe (EU, Russia, Middle East & Africa)
  •    Asia (China, India & Southeast Asia)
  •    Japan

Our global corporate structure is limited to a President, a Chief Financial Officer, a VP of Technology and a Marketing Director who travel to each geographic regional on a regular basis. The Management Team meets face to face annually to set global policies and strategies, with virtual follow-up meetings conducted on a quarterly basis to review key indicators. Our sales force is made up of over 100 people worldwide, many of whom are mechanical and chemical engineers working directly with customers.  They report to a Regional Sales Manager, who in turn reports directly to a General Manager. General Managers have overall profit and loss (P&L) responsibilities for their geographical regions, including the factories contained within the region.

Annual Strategy & Goal Setting

The global leadership team at an annual planning & strategy meeting - a mix of engineers, many with MBAs and all who have spent considerable time at customer facilities.

AFT Team