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AFT's support team

Your Global Support Team

AFT has a team approach to support customers: each customer has an assigned team of people to address their needs, including:

  • a customer service professional  (your link to company information, orders and production information)
  • a regionally located field sales engineer (AFT has local personnel, many are mechanical or chemical engineers)
  • an applications engineer (regionally located engineers who support Sales on more in-depth process analyses and equipment upgrades)

With customers around the globe, AFT's sales terms are regionally focused in order to respect local needs. Below is a list of our standard terms with a link to each pdf document:

Featured Member: Vera Taskinen

As Managing Director of Toplet Oy, Vera Taskinen leads AFT’s efforts in Romania. She and her team deliver high quality and innovative products to this growing market. Vera explains:

How is Romania changing? Do you see steady growth for pulp and paper producers?

The production capacity of the Romanian paper industry has been on the rise over the past decade. Existing lines are continuously modernized. New and second-hand tissue and board machines are raising capacity.

What added value does AFT provide to customers and prospects?

AFT fits well with a market in need of outside technical know-how and support, in particularly when retrofitting is done to add productivity and improve efficiency. The extensive level of service we offer clients both pre- and post-sales, such as SimAudit studies, equipment evaluation, installation/start-up supervision, creates long-term partnerships with Romanian clients. 

By applying AFT's expertise and unique offerings, we often achieve efficiency gains for stock prep lines at spare part costs. Choosing the correct cylinders, rotors and refiner plates for existing equipment and changing needs takes scientific know-how and commitment to understanding specific goals. With our help, capacity increases, better stock cleanliness and lower energy consumption happen all the time.

Tell us about your own connection with Romania.

Born to a Romanian mother and Finnish father, both working in the papermaking industry, I have a head start! They started Toplet Oy in 1990 after the revolution opened the Romanian markets to foreign suppliers. I officially joined the company after graduating from university in 2008 as a natural continuation, already knowing most of our clients since childhood.

Vera TaskinenRomania’s picturesque Carpathian Mountains, a favorite place for Vera and family to take walks!