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AFT's support team

Your Global Support Team

AFT has a team approach to support customers: each customer has an assigned team of people to address their needs, including:

  • a customer service professional  (your link to company information, orders and production information)
  • a regionally located field sales engineer (AFT has local personnel, many are mechanical or chemical engineers)
  • an applications engineer (regionally located engineers who support Sales on more in-depth process analyses and equipment upgrades)

With customers around the globe, AFT's sales terms are regionally focused in order to respect local needs. Below is a list of our standard terms with a link to each pdf document:

Featured Member: Marika Paananen

Marika Paananen, Sourcing Manager–Process and Equipment Solutions, keeps the flow of projects moving at AFT Capital in Helsinki. She sees a parallel between their work approach and their paper machine wet end equipment.

What’s your method for successful projects?

Our way of working can be expressed in a word: “Simplify.” Just as we streamline the approach flow system for paper machines, we believe that being responsive and efficient in the way we handle projects is critical to success. 

Short lead times don’t reduce the need for excellent payback time. Our highly skilled teams have the know-how to design systems with simplicity. Cutting out steps in paper machine approach systems saves capital and allows customers to achieve quality goals in a more sustainable way with fewer resources and reduced energy costs.

What’s similar and different about work over the years with AFT?

Twenty years ago, our POM approach flow system was a revolutionary innovation, especially for multi-grade, multi-color machines. The compact POM delivered drastically reduced grade change times. Productivity went up, and so did profitability.

As this simplification idea took off, the scope broadened to include large paper and board machines, including greenfield mills. Energy savings, improved cleanliness and reduced water consumption have since led to higher quality paper and board for over 100 mills around the world. And the small footprint means greater ease to move around in tight spaces - that’s a plus for safety. We say POM means “Peace of Mind.”

Tell us about your background and personal interests.

I graduated from Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University) in paper technology, and started with POM Technology (now AFT) in 1999.  Outside of work, my family keeps me busy in my free time. Pilates, yoga, skiing are part of my life, along with literature and the Italian language. I am also active with the school board and parent associations.

Marika Paananen