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Global Manufacturing
Union Screen Plate workers


AFT has a long history and is made up of many companies brought together through acquisitions. This picture is of Union Screen plate employees in the early 1900s.

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Leader team


This leadership team grew up on the production floor making paper, agricultural products and equipment - they understand process and bottom line impact.

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Cylinder insertion


We believe in local support and global leverage. Our manufacturing sites work together to develop and share best practices, and we are proud of our ISO certifications around the globe.

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Working there with you

Mission and Values

It is all about respect and continuous learning: respecting what everyone contributes, respecting what is happening across our facilities and the industries we serve, and always looking for new learnings to put into action.

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Lab research

Research and Development

R&D at AFT is about sponsoring research in fiber, fluid motion, screening and refining, then developing new components and unit capital that can improve performance, reduce power use and impact our customer's bottom line.

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Group Meeting

Sales and Customer Service

This is where you can find standard Sales Terms for customers purchasing products and services from AFT

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Plates and wires

Vendor Terms

This is where you can find standard terms for purchasing and suppliers to AFT.

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Welcome to the AFT News Room. Following are our latest news releases. For more information contact marketing@aft-global.com

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