Corporate Citizenship

Long Term Viability- in our business and communities

AFT’s vision of sustainability is to ensure long term business viability through tangible value contributions - not only to our customers but also to the communities in which we work and live. 

We tend to view our corporate citizenship initiatives close to our manufacturing hubs: in the communities where we share space and our employees live. Our employees volunteer time in their respective communities; we help support community events; we train our future leaders through internships with universities and local schools; and we encourage our employees to share their talents with NGOs and non-profit boards. 


War Veterans Association collects recycled paper and board from AFT

Since the 1970s, the Varkaus War Veterans Association has collected paper and cardboard from numerous companies in the region for recycling. A group of 90 volunteers collects paper and board from 170 locations, including the AFT manufacturing plant in Varkaus. 

Pertti Jäntti, Erkki Mustonen and Erkki Juutainen joined this volunteer organization after retiring and have been involved with it for several years.

The collected paper and board is transported by the volunteers to the Riikinneva waste treatment plant for further sorting. The recycled paperboard is then delivered to the Stora Enso mill in Varkaus and the recycled paper goes to UPM's Kaukas mill for use as raw material.

The funds raised from the paper collection help support the home care and rehabilitation of veterans living in the Varkaus region. AFT is proud to be a part of this socially responsible community initiative that helps improve the quality of life of local war veterans while also being good for the environment.

war veterans association

Kari Ikäheimonen, Human Resources Manager at AFT Oy, shakes hands with Pertti Jäntti to mark the launch of a paper collection initiative at AFT. In the background are Erkki Mustonen and Erkki Juutilainen (right)