Lean Manufacturing Process Empowers people to reduce waste

3rd party certifications

To stay true to our continuous improvement commitments, we seek outside support from the most recognized certification bodies in the industry. The guidance we extract through regular evaluations from the International Standard Organization (ISO) and Ecovadis help us shape our management practices and achieve our goals.

In doing so, we have been awarded a Silver Medal by Ecovadis - placing AFT Oy in the top 25% for sustainability within our industry. Likewise, our quality, environment, and health & safety at work management systems have all been ISO certified.

You can access our certification details at the links below:

AFT Oy awarded Ecovadis Silver medal

Environmental Footprint

In our Lean manufacturing approach we aim to reduce our environmental footprint in manufacturing by looking at ways to improve or eliminate what we call waste. Common opportunities we find in our waste evaluations and key indicators include:

  • Time
  • Energy use
  • Material waste
  • Water and chemical use

To be consistent with AFT’s core values, to ensure the right to a clean environment for future generations, to meet client’s requirements and to be ready for increasingly specific regulation on environmental stewardship, our top management is dedicating resources to evaluate and reduce our carbon footprint. This universal key indicator allows us to make better long terms decisions, as well as improve how our customers achieve world leading efficiencies in their stock prep and approach flow systems with our patented technologies.