Chrome Plating

Durashield™ Technology

Regular rechroming can extend cylinder life by five times

Increasing Cylinder Life

AFT’s DuraShield cylinder chrome plating is an in-house chroming process that has found wide acceptance in the pulp & paper industry. DuraShield has earned recognition as the #1 chroming technology for extending wear life of screen cylinders - on average 20% longer than the competition.

DuraShield Benefits

  • Longer component life
  • Smooth, stable screen operation
  • Better value for your money 

Why is DuraShield better?

Surface preparation is critical, whether the component is new or being rechromed, to establish and maintain proper chrome adhesion. Uniform chrome thickness over the entire surface is ensured by the use of a proprietary anode-cathode system that delivers a consistently uniform electric current. It is important for the anode to conform to the cylinder shape to achieve a uniform deposit of chrome - we therefore stock the largest volume of cathodes in the industry. The bath temperature is also precisely controlled. The DuraShield treatment creates a higher density micro-crack structure in the chrome that reduces the stresses in the protective coating and improves its durability.

Finding the Optimum

Uniform Chrome Thickness