Conical Fillings

Finebar® Technology expanded

Same benefits as disc plates now available for conical fillings

Ultra-low intensity refining

Low Intensity Refining

Conical refiners can now achieve the same benefits of low intensity refining as disc refiners thanks to Finebar technology. With a higher bar edge length and superior metallurgy, Finebar fillings provide greater strength development, improved energy efficiency and a better wear life than conventional conical fillings.

The flexibility of Finebar manufacturing has overcome the limitations of casting technology that have been a constraint on the design of conventional conical fillings. This allows complete customization for each specific application need.

With results showing stronger pulp, fewer shives and less fines generation than competitive fillings, our mill installations demonstrate the effectiveness and reliability of Finebar technology for conical refiners on a variety of pulp types. They are available for Conflo® JC-0x and Optifiner™ RF-x series conical refiners in sizes 1 to 4, as well as Aikawa Double Conical (ADC) refiners and KK refiners.

New Advances in Refining

Finebar Conical Fillings