POMp™ Degasser

Air removal for big gains

Removing air before the paper machine headbox promotes better machine runnability, fewer sheet breaks, improved capacity, more stable pressure, reduced chemical use and greater cleanliness. The POMp Degasser provides a compact and efficient solution at the beginning of the white water handling process, requiring fewer and smaller silos and tanks downstream. 

For a greenfield installation there is no other system as compact, or that can be installed without a basement - saving time and expenses in environmental permitting. For an existing mill, an older deckle system could be replaced or a single degasser can provide a significant improvement in system operation. A typical deckle system for air removal can run with 1-4% air entrainment, while the POMp typically achieves as little as 0.1%, using less than 5% of the space.

Replacing a deckle system

POMp Degasser

Degasser installation

POMp Degasser

Fast payback from benefits

  • Less chemicals, defoamers and retention aids
  • Fewer sheet breaks, less broke to reprocess
  • More stable pressure to the paper machine
  • More capacity - improved wire drainage and forming
  • Improved system cleanliness (as air carries dirt, stickies, bacteria, fines)
  • Improved strength (more fiber-fiber bonding)
  • Better fines retention in the sheet
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Fast start up, faster grade changes (less off-grade paper)