Fiber Saver Tail Screen

MaxSaver™ for more fiber recovery

"Lots of fibers can be rejected in final stage screening - MaxSaver provides a solution"

Alex Slepcevic, Techno Paper

Recover more good fibers from rejects

The MaxSaver is one of the best screens on the market for recovering fibers from reject tailings. It is a patented outflow and upflow rejects processing screen that delivers high screening efficiency to minimizes fiber loss. Heavy debris is removed early through a metal trap at the bottom of the screen. This not only contributes to higher efficiency but also enhances the life of the cylinder and rotor. Fiber loss is minimized since the rejects are washed with sealing water and the fibers recovered before the rejects are discharged from the outlet at the top of the screen. AFT's screen design is rugged and built to last with ease of maintenance in mind.


  • High capacity and debris removal efficiency
  • Longer cylinder and rotor life due to early removal of heavy contaminants
  • Minimal fiber loss due to washing of rejects before they are discharged
  • Use of AFT's Macroflow2™ (MF2) screen cylinder provides enhanced stickies removal
  • Low power consumption with AFT's GHC™ rotor

MaxSaver Screen