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From a brand new approach system to adding side-degassing, POM benefits have been significant - with most systems experiencing paybacks within months. Savings have been achieved from paper machine sources that include less chemical use, fewer machine breaks, lower energy consumption, faster grade changes and fewer machine wash downs/ boil outs.

Compared with conventional seal pits, silos and machine chest, POM's foot print is small - generally less than 5% in volume.  Now just-in-time grade changes make sense, even for colored grades.  For a greenfield system, the POM process can eliminate the machine basement - saving millions in permitting and environmental analysis.

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A simpler solution to air removal, using less space and providing higher efficiency handling of paper machine white water without massive storage tanks

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A "just-in-time" option for the paper machine approach system providing gentle blending with high intensity and high-shear mixing in a compact unit.

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Headbox outflow and inflow screens with a custom fit cylinder and rotor to achieve paper quality objectives

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A compact suction leg header system, with no giant seal pit needed in the basement of the paper machine and the added benefit of air separation

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With all this talk about the great benefits of air removal for paper machine operation, this unit provides an easy to use method for measurement of air suspended in a liquid.

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The secret to operating an efficient fiber recovery and energy process is a uniform, consistent pressure to each cleaner in the system- exactly what this system does

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