MiniSegment Refiner Plates

This refiner plate comes in pieces, making one thing in life simpler

Custom made to fit your application

Finebar superior plate technology is now available in a MiniSegment™ design for all major low consistency disc refiners. This Finebar concept is a lower cost custom tailored segment that delivers the results you need such as energy savings, improved quality and longer plate life.

The principle of the MiniSegment design is to replace only the working surface of the plates. Installation is made easy by an Adapter Plate (AP) that is bolted to the refiner’s mounting surface using the existing bolt holes. Each MiniSegment is then bolted to the AP with bolts supplied by AFT - no modifications to the refiner are required. Overall cost is reduced (segment cost plus maintenance time) and downtime is kept to a minimum.

MiniSegments are smaller and weigh only a fraction of a traditional plate segment, making it easy for an individual to position and bolt them to the refiner mounting surface. For example, a plate segment for a 46” DD refiner can weigh as much as 50 pounds (23 kg). By comparison, a MiniSegment weighs less than 12 pounds (6 kg), making it not only easier to mount without assistance but safer to install as well. As an added benefit, shipping costs are reduced and inventory footprint in the warehouse is minimized.

Lighter - Easier to Handle

Finebar Minisegment