Performance Lab Components

Screening to lower energy

In addition to manufacturing small scale equipment, AFT offers the key performance wear components for use in this equipment. These components include screen cylinders and rotors, as well as refiner plates in our proprietary Finebar® low-intensity style. In pulping, it can include rotors and extraction plates, with similar needs in deflaking.

For more details about options in screen cylinders and rotors, also visit our performance wear component section. Some styles available include:

  • Drilled cylinders
  • Wedgewire MacroFlow™ series cylinders
  • GHC Powerwave™ Rotors
  • Non-stringing foil EP/ EPX series rotors

Cylinders & Rotors

Finebar & Conical Fillings

Advancing refining to new levels

Our exclusive ultra-low intensity Finebar plates just keep improving - providing refining results never thought possible with less energy and longer plate life. We have global experience with chemical hardwood and softwood fibers, mechanical pulps, and a wide variety of recycled furnishes for applications in printing and writing, linerboard and tissue grades. The Finebar series now comes in:

  • Standard plates
  • MiniSegment™ plates
  • Conical fillings