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Leading in energy savings

It Takes A Dedicated Team

Reduce stringing

AFT is a world leader in low energy rotors. We produce rotors for more than 400 screen models, with typical energy savings in the order of 40% - and some cases up to 70%.

  • Energy saving GHC rotors
  • Non-plugging foil rotor styles
  • Replacement rotors
GHC2 rotor Learn more

Energy Smart Rotors

For recycled and kraft pulp screening, this is the lowest energy option available today - let's see how much you can save.

Ep Rotor Learn more

Foil Rotors

Open foil rotor that reduces pulsations and stringing - ideal for fractionation, headbox and contaminated recycled fiber screening

Chroming Learn more

Chrome Plating

Chroming process specifically designed for cylinders - lasting on average 20% longer than our competitors

SPX Rotor Learn more

Challenging Applications

The SPX rotor is designed for highly contaminated incoming stock.

Replacement Rotor Learn more

Replacement Rotors

An exact replacement is possible - with experience on over 400 models, our design will be right