Constraint Analysis

Find and eliminate future bottlenecks

Planning for fiber or grade changes

While market and production changes happen often, the ability to effectively respond to these changes can have a significant impact on profitability. Whether you are dealing with swings in fiber supply, a new fiber type or developing a new product, AFT can support your efforts to configure your fiber prep process in order to improve response efficiency.  

Our proficiency extends to most fiber types around the world including most recycled, deinked, mechanical, virgin and non-wood fibers. With expertise ranging from pulping to screening, refining, approach system mixing and white water management, AFT can help.

Our experienced resources will assist you in determining whether any physical constraints in your existing process will prevent you from meeting the next challenge. We will meet on site with your team to ensure that current and future objectives are properly understood. Next we will review your process, including operating data and equipment specific characteristics. Using the data collected, AFT will provide an assessment of constraints to moving forward with your objectives and suggest possible alternative approaches to eliminating those constraints.