Mechanical Troubleshooting

Optimizing Maintenance cost and performance

Getting Optimal Performance

Equipment or process troubleshooting can be as simple as a bearing change or torque adjustment to as complex as an entire system analysis. But before you tackle the entire system, a mechanical audit of each individual piece of equipment can ensure that such a complex analysis starts with a solid foundation.

AFT has extensive experience on most stock preparation equipment such as screens and refiners. We can help troubleshoot a single unit or an entire stock preparation line, reporting the key points of inspection and what needs immediate or future attention. If necessary, we can make corrections during an outage or help your team in understanding and making improvements.

AFT can also help with focused training, either at your mill or on-line. Covering topics like key inspection points for a specific types of equipment and identifying red and yellow zones:

  • Distinguish approaching failure vs. normal wear
  • Replacement scheduling and inventory management
  • Estimating the cost of wear