Process Characterization

Evaluating processes routinely leads to incremental gains and the elimination of surprises

Characterize today to plan the future

The starting point for any optimization project should be an accurate benchmark of the existing process, including the equipment, operating ranges, flows, capacities, and quality parameters.  However, it is not uncommon over time for a mill to have lost access to as-sold drawings, accurate flowsheets, or equipment ratings. 

In cases like these, AFT offers a Process Characterization Service. Working with your team, we will produce documentation that accurately reflects what your mill has in place for a particular process using field notation from the installed equipment, data from operating and maintenance manuals, process drawings, and other sources. We combine this information with the experience and expertise of our field resources to produce a verification of existing process flowsheets and equipment inventory, along with an analysis of constraints and opportunities.  This will lead to a better understanding of your existing system, providing a more reliable basis for budgeting, production planning and calculations of economic returns.

The scope of such work can be a single piece of equipment or an entire stock preparation system to the headbox of the machine.