System SimAudit Analysis

How to see the future

Planning a process change? Would it help to know the outcome before you build?

How to Simulate your process

An AFT applications engineer, armed with your current process data and our SimAudit software, can help you envision and test the future. To simulate an entire stock preparation system or even a complete screening or refining system is not a simple task. Such an analysis can take days with a lot of data gathering, but in the end you will have a very powerful simulation tool that includes:

  • A block diagram of the process - equipment and flow directions
  • Identification of key performance wear components (cylinders, rotors, plates…)
  • Flows, consistencies and fiber splits for the existing layout
  • Understanding system stability
  • Understanding final product quality
  • Key system bottlenecks
  • Simulation of future states

System SimAudit