Finebar Refining products list

Fine-tuned for each application with quality, life and energy goals in mind

Designs tailored to your application

Safety & simplified maintenance while saving energy

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Superior strength development without fiber damage

Finebar Refining

Finebar technology in a custom conical fillings

Conical Fillings

Finebar is known around the world for ultra low intensity refining and the customization of refiner plate patterns to meet specific mill needs. 

  • Improved quality
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Longer plate life
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MiniSegment Refiner Plates

Refiner plates that do exactly what you need, in a safe and simple design

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Standard Refiner Plates

Low intensity refining at its finest

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Ultra-low Intensity Refining

Improved fiber quality with less energy and longer plate life - this is a technology worth evaluating

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Conical Fillings

Latest development in Finebar diffusion bonding technology