35% Energy Savings, Longer Cylinder Life at BillerudKorsnas

Made in Sweden Last update 2018/05/24

Peter Carlsson

Sweden, 2018 -  No mill is further north than Sweden’s BillerudKorsnas Karlsborg, producer of high quality white sack paper and pulp made from slow-growing pine and spruce. This region’s fibers are known for excellent fiber bonding, delivering high tensile strength.

The mill employs about 370 people and produces approximately 130,000 tons of sack and kraft paper and 200,000 tons of bleached market pulp annually.

Now, thanks to a new approach to brownstock screening, Karlborg’s screening consumes 35% less energy. The mill has also tripled the lifespan of screen cylinders and rotors. Runnability and productivity gains have been recorded.

Says Peter Carlsson, Operations Engineer, “Based on studies employing AFT’s SimAudit, we determined that lower energy consumption and improved efficiency in pulp screening were possible. That’s why we retrofitted existing primary, secondary and tertiary stage screens with AFT MacroFlow™ cylinders and GHC™ rotors.

Continues Carlsson, “The innovation of continuous slots vs. holes on cylinders was a critical factor for improvement, including the ability to deal with high sand content, which comes into our process with our chips. We run more smoothly, we're able to meet higher demand when necessary, but we also cut energy needs and maintenance time.”

Comments Simo Koskell, AFT Area Sales Manager, “BillerudKorsnas continues to use small amounts of capital wisely by focusing on cost reduction, but not at the expense of quality and the environment.”

Now that brownstock screening has been upgraded with AFT cylinders and rotors, operators can focus more on optimizing the pulp mill.

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