Made in Germany Last update 2017/11/09

Paper TestingGermany, September 13, 2017 -  Reflex Premium Paper GmbH Düren, producer of high quality specialty paper grades, has just completed important investments for its Transparent Paper Machine 4, improving quality and increasing energy and water efficiency. Under new ownership since 2015, this mill was previously known as Zanders Paper, a leading global graphic paper brand for half a century.

As part of their wet end optimization, the mill chose AFT's compact POM technology. The simplified water, steam and fiber stock approach flow system, monitored by a new process control system, started up on schedule, and has produced premium transparent paper ever since.

According to Dieter Raak, Head of Production and Technical Affairs, “Our team focuses on cost reduction, but not at the expense of quality and the environment. That’s why the POM wet end approach system was a good fit. We use less water and about half the steam as before. The paper machine runs smoother, which allows for continuous improvement in quality and productivity.”

Raak believes that the way to have the biggest positive effect on the local community is to run the mill with a competitive advantage with best sustainability practices, assuring local jobs.

AFT is a global supplier specializing in stock preparation, screening, refining and paper machine approach flow. With over 110 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying tailored solutions, AFT helps to improve performance with trademarked advancements: Finebar - ultra low intensity refining, Powerwave - energy efficient screening, MaxiPulper - advanced pulping technologies, POM Systems and more.  For more information, please contact us at Marketing@aft-global.com.