Nearly 300 Years of Pulp & Papermaking in Pöls, Austria

Made in Austria Last update 2017/10/01

Zelsftoff Pols photoAustria, 2017 – The Zellstoff Pöls mill has always been production and environmentally driven, seeking higher output of pulp and paper while meeting quality standards for their customers. Investments from 2005 to 2015 have allowed the mill to ramp up production to a rate of 430,000 t/a through a combination of both small and large optimization projects.

In 2013, the stock preparation team at Pols conducted an in-depth study of their pulp making process from the woodyard onward. Because the mill uses a variety of local wood species, maintaining a high level of productivity and quality can be challenging. They came to the conclusion that brown stock screening was a key obstacle and called on AFT specialists to help identify flow performance issues and adapt new screening techniques.

According to Gerhard Gruber, Manager of brown stock at Zellstoff Pöls: “When our stock preparation team simulated the potential for a major productivity gain with AFT’s GHC2 rotor design, we had confidence that this could be a big win for us. In fact, the new rotors are already supporting our productivity gains.”

They sought AFT and their local rep Flowtec to help focus on more precise flow through the screens. Pinpointing inconsistencies in pulp requires a robust and precise screening technique to keep production up, and prevent problems from accumulating. In the past, the gap between the rotor and the dilution ring was always plugging, causing frequent stoppages for maintenance. The key to AFT’s improved runnability is that flow through the screen is higher. Distribution of liquids and solids is so uniform that the screens never plug.

Gruber says with a sigh of relief: “We have no need to open the screens as we did in the past. The primary screen has been running for eighteen months without maintenance. The secondary screen has run smoothly for over one year so far. Operators and the maintenance team can focus on other jobs.”

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