Replacement Rotors

RP™ Rotors

Fastrack rebuilds and new replacement rotors

Seamless original model replacement

In addition to state-of-the-art rotor designs, AFT manufactures rotors which are exact replacements for OEM models from a variety of manufacturers, as long as the designs are not under patent protection. The RP™ (replacement) series rotors are built with precision and attention to detail. 

With experience on over 400 screen models, in over 2000 mills worldwide, chances are we know your product well. We can provide a direct replacement or let you know if there is an upgrade option that can save energy or improve capacity.

Replacement Rotor

Replacement Rotor

Maintenance Check Points

Maintenance Check Points Table

FASTrack Rebuilds

In cases where a full replacement is not needed, AFT offers a FASTrack rebuild. The rebuild may also include a rotor element upgrade. AFT can rebuild a single rotor or a full screening system following our 14-point inspection checklist. Rebuild centers are strategically located around the globe to serve you best.