High Consistency removal of heavy contaminants


High consistency removal of heavies

Removing Heavy Content

The FiberClone™ Cleaner is used in recycling applications typically after a Pulper. This is a high consistency cleaner operating at 2.5 to 5.0% consistency. The unit removes heavy contaminants such as glass, metal, chips and sand. These cleaners are all designed for continuous operation.

The SND sand trap cleaner is a higher capacity unit. This cleaner targets sand and stone removal at high consistency. The unit is typically used in Virgin and Recycle fiber mills. In a virgin mill it is used after knotting. In a recycling facility its use is prior to deflaking, detrashing, dispersion or screening. The prime use for this type of cleaner is the protection of downstream equipment.

FiberClone™ Cleaner

FiberClone Cleaner