Stock Preparation products list

For lower water and energy use or improved quality at higher production - AFT can help

New Continuous Detrashing
Conical Refiner En savoir plus

Refining Equipment

Disc and conical refiner technologies with Finebar low intensity plates and fillings on the inside

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Ultra-low Intensity Refining

Improved fiber quality with less energy and longer plate life - a technology worth evaluating.

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Fiber Deflaking

Deflaking market pulp and recycled furnishes without freeness loss.

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Recycling equipment

AFT offers a selection of detrashing, cleaning, dispersion and dewatering equipment for specialized upgrade needs.

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Ragger and Cutter

A heavy duty design for continuous ragging ensures long term operation

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High consistency cleaning in Recycled or Virgin fibers targets heavy contaminant removal. This helps to protect down stream equipment.